Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat Review

For most parents of infant children, the safety of their child is their top priority and we think one of the best products for this mission is the Safety 1st onBoard Air 35 Infant Car Seat.
Although every car seat on the market passes the federal safety tests(Child Seat Research), car safety for infants can be significantly increased or decreased by the quality of their car seat. Therefore, it is important for parents of infants to invest in a car seat that will keep their baby as safe as possible during car rides. The best infant car seats keep babies comfortable during everyday car rides as well as decrease their risk of injury or any type of physical harm in the case of a potential car accident. There are countless infant car seats on the market, most of which advertise similar features and highlights which make it difficult to determine which of these car seats actually follow through on their claims and which do not.

ModelSafety 1st onBoard 35 Air Infant
Our Rating
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TypeInfant Seat
Minimum Weight Limit4 pounds
Maximum Weight Limit35 pounds
Height Limit32 Inches
Harness Type5-point, specially designed to fit smaller babies
Expiration8 years
Compatible StrollersThe stroller instruction manual lists all compatible seats.

Weight Limits

The onBoard 35 Air has no specific age limit for babies and children. However, it is designed to accommodate infants and babies that weigh between four and thirty-five pounds. The onBoard 35 Air’s wide weight range is a great pro of this car seat.
Because its large size and ample leg room can accommodate babies who weigh four pounds up to babies who weigh almost forty, the onBoard 35 Air can continue to keep children safe from the time they are first born for up to one or two years, thereby eliminating the need for parents to frequently purchase a new car seat for their baby just because he or she has grown too large to fit in their previous seat.
The onBoard 35 Air can also be adjusted to five different position angles so parents can adjust the angle of the seat to the safest position for their baby as he or she grows. The car seat’s harness and buckles are also adjustable in order to keep children safe and comfortable as they grow.

Side Impact Protection

Most infant car seats are only designed to protect babies in the event of a head-on collision. However, the onBoard 35 Air is designed to keep babies safe and comfortable in the case of a side impact crash as well. The car seat features a unique air cushion system in order to protect the baby’s head and keep it stable and covered if the car is hit from the side.

Easy Clean-Up

It is almost inevitable that babies are going to make a mess in their car seat. The onBoard 35 Air pads that cover the entirety of the car seat are removable and machine-washable for easy cleanup after spills or messes.

Overall, the Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air car seat is an excellent car seat for infants and babies. With protection against all types of collisions as well as adjustable features to allow the seat to grow with the child, the onBoard 35 Air is a top-quality car seat that will keep your baby safe and comfortable in any situation.


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